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What Is Link Building

What is link building and how does it increase business?

Welcome to the world wide web, or as it is more formerly known, the internet. This world is truly a world full of webs; sticky spider webs that attach from one place to the next. The bigger your web, the more things attach to it and get caught in your web. These webs are what make you successful in the online world, make your business popular and make you money. They are called links. You will hear this word very often because links and link building are a large part to online success for any ethical SEO SERVICE COMPANY.

A link is a text that you can click on, leading you from the website you were on to another website. These links join websites together. When you are linked, someone has put a link on their website that leads directly to yours, which is link building. Link building is getting a mass amount of quality websites to link to you. That is incredibly important in making you popular on the web. In the online world, the number of links leading to you are like “votes”. These votes add up and the more quality and relevant links you have, the more popular and visible you are to places like Google. You WANT to be visible to Google and all of the millions of people that search information on Google everyday.  In fact, there are 2 million Google searches every minute. So, the more quality links there are that lead to your website, the more people will be able to see you because you will be “ranked” higher in the search engines like Google. That’s what success on the internet is based on; being seen and being clicked. In order to do this, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Imagine, you search something on Google. Typically, you click on those first links to pop up on the first page. Statistically, about 34% of the clicks go to the very first link in ranking. That’s number 1. The second highest in ranking, gets around 17% of the clicks. That means, the second listing has half the chance to get clicked on than the first! Now, you may think you have success if you have reached the first page of Google’s rankings. But in fact, the last link of the page only gets approximately  2.71% of the clicks. And if you’re link is on the 2nd page of rankings, you only get about .05% of the clicks! The higher you are ranking, the more of a chance you have to be clicked on.

This is where link building comes in. To be successful, you want to be that number one site to get clicked on. This leads to increased clicks and many more eyes looking at your website which all leads up to more business and much more profit. Link building is the key to success, popularity and profit in the online world.

Now, Not just any old link will do…. Success and failure can be decided by just one BAD LINK. That BAD LINK may link to or from a bad neighborhood, that Google has flagged as a BAD NEIGHBORHOOD. If you decide to hire a link builder who has simply spammed your email offering a “team of seo experts” who have many years of experience building links, RUN LIKE THE WIND!!!

What visual do you get when you get these spam emails of SEO EXPERTS?

If you think for a moment that this is the team spamming you, BLOCK THEM, Tell them to take you off their SPAM LIST…

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