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Top 6 Link Building Tips In the Face of Panda and Penguin

Link building refers to the art of building mutually beneficial relationships on the World Wide Web in order to enhance internet and search engine placement. To stay in the limelight on the internet, all of us want to incorporate the smartest and most effective link building strategies. However, the smartest strategies aren’t always visible. The best strategies to achieve top search engine placement become clouded by consistent change in the game itself. In this article, we will talk about the best link building tips that correspond with the changes that have been made in SEO over the last 12 months.


Search engines, such as Google, use hordes of algorithms, or mathematical formulas, to position web pages. These formulas are changed periodically to chase spammers off of King Googles’ map,  eliminating irrelevant websites from its search listings. These formulas are aimed to work together to give web surfers an enhanced web experience.


Google revolutionized the web world by introducing the Panda update on April 19 of this year. The Panda update was revamped by Google to do away with inferior quality SEO techniques. It has kept SEO operators and website owners on their toes with its constant backflips. The latest addition to anxiety of millions of website owners, with their efforts falling apart, is Google’s Penguin update, which came about last month.


The Penguin update was designed to penalize web spammers. However, it hasn’t exactly hit its  target. Some legitimate website owners have suffered just as much as spamming websites have. If one of those legitimate websites was yours, rest assured. There are ways in which you can deal with this issue. Google has set up a form for all those of you who feel that the “Penguin” has treated you unduly. Fill the form and express your concern and grievances to king Google. Google’s efforts to make up for this undue loss are in process, in the form of revised algorithms. Unit those changes meet us again for battle, there are 6 tips you can follow.


Let’s talk about the top 6 link building tips and the way to optimize them to enhance your web presence.


1. Socialize ALL THE TIME!

Do we even need to explain how important social presence is? The web truly is a popularity contest. If you are good, then the news will spread like wild fire, thanks to the social networking websites. Make sure to post quality content and share it reflexively, at all relevant places. This process of link building can be very well automated with enhanced WordPress plugins available.

Let your content reach a wider audience and give them an opportunity to express their love or hatred for you. This is the best way to be famous and enhance your ranking.

2. Direct Links Within Your Website

Pointing to relevant content within your website, using links in various sections, increases your chances of being ranked higher. After all, significance and quality of content are the most important facets of link building.

An optimized site structure will have apt keywords, smartly linking different pages on your website so that the search engines and the site visitors experience an ease of browsing and have comprehensive access to your website.

3. Use Variations In Anchor Text

Search engine algorithms issue a red alert when they track a keyword like “North Carolina Pizza Service” pointing to your website with the repetition of this phrase dozens of times within your website, which is “incidentally” titled with the same phrase! This is a common tactic with spam websites and yes it may get them attention, but it is the WRONG kind of attention. If search engines see this kind of repetition on your website, they will start treating you like a spammer and consequently you might have to bear the brunt in the form of dropped rankings.

Instead, a more genuine and smart attempt would be to use more natural keywords and phrases, which naturally will get the search engine to rank you higher rather than trying to force it to rank you. Real humans searching for your webpage will more often than not use variations in keywords rather than that same phrase that you created!

4. Quality Links from High Ranking Sites Add Value

If you have links from superior sources pointing to your site, you increase the chances of being ranked higher. Getting scores of low quality links directing to your website is like confessing that you’re part of a shady network using wrong means to get there. You will end up registering yourself in the not-so-good books of the search engine giant Google, reducing the possibility of being ranked highly in the future too. So beware of the Penguin, and incorporate quality links; even fewer significant links will do instead of hundreds of irrelevant, synthesized ones.

5. Content is Actually the King

Don’t hesitate at all to invest that little extra in getting excellent content for your website. Visitors will stay there and recommend it only if they enjoy what they are reading. And only then will you establish your presence, recover the costs and reap profits.

With the prominent presence of social networking, freedom of expression has a new meaning. Search engines rate you for the amount of social interaction happening within your website. Social activity within your website indicates the interest level for your product/service. Worthy content will attract attention from your competitors and will result in natural link-building, which is absolutely essential for higher search engine rankings. Even though clichéd, the King remains the King!

6. Offer to be a Guest Blogger and Post

Recent Panda updates and the introduction of the revolutionizing Penguin have associated guest posting to greater chances of success in terms of higher position on SERP. A blog post written mindfully, for another website or a blog owner, will act as tempting bait and ensure enough back links in favor of your website. Consequently, your ranking will experience a boost due to increased interactions, which will increase traffic.

The key to writing a successful guest post is creatively carving a relevant picture of your website and back linking it to your site.

With continuous innovations being made by the search engines to deal with low-quality websites pouring in, the best way to maintain high rankings is by enhancing your credibility. Lay emphasis on quality of the content instead of its volume. If you achieve this, competitors will look forward to building a relationship with you, by linking to your website for mutual gains.

Do you feel that the world is too fast-paced and employing these link building techniques will take time for results to appear? Rest assured, the tortoise did win the race! No, it’s not going to be as slow as the tortoise, trust me!  The results of genuine effort for an authentic website will be visible and the best part is that they will stay in spite of the endeavors like Panda and Penguin. In fact, Panda and Penguin will work in favor of high quality-content-oriented sites and link building techniques.

Do you think Black Hat SEO techniques have a future? I feel that they shall be dealt with seriously; and it’s only a matter of time before that happens. When do you think is the right time to go all ‘white’ for your customers’ and the search engines’ ‘content’? I think it’s now or never. So let’s all gear up before the safeguards of SEO, all the ‘Pandas’ and the ‘Penguins’, decide to test our integrity yet again. Give me your inputs and thoughts on this post. Share your ideas and link building tips and let’s have a fruitful discussion.