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The Best Link Diet for Your Website

Let’s eat!  Your website is an employee that works around the clock 24/7.  Humans eat 2-3 meals a day so why not feed your hardest working employee?  Makes sense, right?  Right…Healthy links are the best way to take care of a website.  These are links related to your industry, has a page rank of four or better, and will help your visitors.  Google will recognize you and your website will bring you a return on your investment.

The good part of having back links is that your website does not have to be submitted to the search engines.  Once you have websites linking to you that have been indexed, the search engines will take notice and index your website as well (assuming that your website is new).  Being in the SEO Services business we found out that it was beneficial to go after the terms SEO Fort Lauderdale or SEO Miami instead SEO Services; since the latter is a national ranked term that will take six months to a year to get ranked.  It is a highly competitive term globally.  Going after Geo-targeted keyword terms is easier, wiser, and will benefits your company’s website more efficiently. This is a Win-Win situation!  You can’t lose if you follow-up with the SEO secrets you are about to read.

Share The Glory. Share The Links.

Using Social media is another great way to feed your website. Even though Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn uses no-follow tags on their website you’ll still be able to get traffic and credit for the traffic.  You may want to use your link in your posts moderately since no one likes people that only talk about themselves. It’s the same concept in the social network communities. Mention other websites or experts in your industry.  It’s okay to give other people credit and they will in return give you credit by sending traffic your way.  One hand washes the other in all aspects in life.

A few hundred or even thousand people visiting your website from the social media networks will catch the attention of the search engines, especially Google.  Nearly every social site has a slot for your website URL.  Use your complete URL, for example our URL is, http://www.boastingbiz.com/.  I have seen many websites that display their website address instead of their URL, for example, www.yourwebsite.com without the “http://” which is a common mistake.

Social Media Tips To Remember

  • Use Complete URL’s
  • Use your link in your posts but not all of them
  • Interact with you followers.  People love attention too!

Knock Knock. Who’s There? Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is more of a natural way to get links pointing to your website.  You have to get the attention of the website owner in order to even have the chance to guest blog.  Calling or emailing them with a warm introduction goes a long way.  Most business and website owner’s are bored to death with spam emails that when a real person reaches out to them, it’s usually welcomed.

When writing your content, it is better to use new content because duplicate content does not benefit anyone.  It does take a considerable amount of time to create quality, thought provoking and relevant content, just ask SEO Consultant and GURU, Tom Bates with APT Media.  Webmasters will have their own guidelines.  While some will have one or two rules, others will have many, however, you must pay attention to their requests.  Also, aim for high page rank blogs that you can contribute your knowledge.  It doesn’t cost you anything but time, so make sure your content is worth it.

3 Things to keep in mind when Guest Blogging

  • Place a text link with your keyword phrases
  • Relevant content that is informative
  • Pay attention to the guidelines

Of course, there are easier ways to get links, but like everything else in this country the more convenient the more it will cost you.  Purchasing text links has been a grey area subject in the Internet Marketing industry. This is due to the fact that it can be seen as cheating the system.

You can purchase a few high page rank link for a about $100.00 a month.  If your pockets are deep for a link building campaign then this may be a feasible back linking option.  Google does not like it because they are not getting a peace of the pie. They would rather you use their Google Adwords, which is another way to bring quality traffic to your website; it will cost you a few of those pretty pennies or should I say crispy dollars.

Final Thought: What to do or not to do?

Hopefully this article has given you an appetite for links. However, all links are not good links.  Stay away from Link Farms, Black Hat SEO Tricks (or companies that provide such services), and any of the 7 ways to get your website blacklisted.  There are also Internet Marketing software that are considered spam, so avoid using them!  You will know that the software is spam when it can automate hundreds of links in a short amount of time.  Having a hundred links pointing to your website in a day is virtually impossible, and will give Google a red flag and our I.P. address will get marked as spam.  In March, Google began giving warnings to websites with tons of unnatural links.  Keep your website healthy.

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