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Small Business Marketing

Small business marketing is all about bringing on new clients while staying affordable. When it comes to marketing your firm you need to be found where ever you can be found.  More than 80% of all consumers looking for your services start on line.

One mistake most small business owners make is trying to get placement JUST ON GOOGLE.  If your willing to turn away about 40% of all customers go ahead… But, this is a sure fire way to fail.. In today’s economy we need all the potential clients we can get as a small business.

Bing/Live/MSN, is the fastest growing search engine in the world, and it is still way behind Google, however is the default browser for every Dell computer sold in the world today.. Ignoring this traffic and website placement is foolish.

Affordable SEO will bring your website in front of all the major search engines allowing maximum exposure to all your potential clients. Though Google placement is critical, do not ignore the other 40% of your potential clients.