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Here I want to cover some falsehoods of launching a small business website and SEO.

First, I want to get some things out of the way…..

If you’re a website owner, and are told “we can increase sales by simply increasing placement and traffic”, You are not being told the whole story…

If you are told that your small business just needs a website to sell on line, you are not being told the whole story..

These television commercials that are offering a website for $39.00 per month “and get found on line” are simply misleading, and you are not being told the whole story.

If you are told that all you need for website success is “this really awesome looking” website, yup, you guessed it, “you are not being told the whole story”.

So, here is the “Rest of the Story”, and a few tips to get yourself moving on line..

First, understand that just by building placement in the search engines, will NOT increase sales. In today’s Google world, a major injection to the algorithm is reader patterns. Get your readers to your site for the “correct Keyword terms”, and give them a reason to read on, contact or purchase.. Make it EASY for them to take the next step.

Next, if you’re told to just launch the site and “get ready” to make millions, this is simply nuts… It’s like a sail boat in the middle of the ocean with NO SAIL…. Your website must have a driving force, be it a sound SEO services plan “always best” or if all you offer is a local service, then a local marketing and SEO plan is more than enough.

If you’re one of those folks that just have to have “mailers” or flyers, STOP and think……WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU GET A MAILER OR FLYER…. Yup, me to, I toss it directly into the trash with the old phone book…..

If you’re feeling froggy, and want to jump at a website builder who has “thousands of templates” to choose from, understand there is nothing unique about the same website and same content built for millions of people… Search engines like Google want original and unique! In fact, it is these template sites that violate the terms of Google webmaster guidelines…. and CAN GET YOUR SITE INTO TROUBLE WITH GOOGLE….

Finally, why the heck own a beautiful website you paid a small fortune for that nobody can find…… “you don’t have to answer….. we know” YOU wouldn’t and shouldn’t..

If you are needing a website presence, it is CRITICAL, you have Up to date SEO SERVICES as the core of you’re development.

Stay Tuned, we are following up with a series on launching a website marketing project.