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Search Engine Placement

So you have built a great looking website and are ready for the customers to line up. Sorry your website is not the Ark so don’t expect them to get in line unless they know your there.

Direct and to the point, but true. And that is what you should expect from any firm you are talking with to drive business to your website through search engine placement. After all, these are your marketing dollars hard at work and must deliver results.

The best way to avoid a misunderstanding is to have an understanding. Here are some tips on how to reach your search engine placement goals.

  1. Social Networking “GET INVOLVED”.
  2. Social Marketing/Networking: Twitter and Face Book are great tools for this.
  3. Website Code/Content: Make sure your SEO/SEM firm is certified as an expert… “your competition is not fooling around and neither should you”.
  4. Articles are a great tool in education your potential clients. “and if optimized correctly they will get organic search engine placement”.
  5. Directories are a great way to build reliable and authority links back to your website as they are crawled more often by the search engines.
  6. Word of mouth…… If somebody refers you a client, REWARD THEM.. You can do this several ways:
    • Pay Them
    • Return the favor and send them business
    • Invite them to a social networking meeting you have found.
    • Take their kid to day care, pick babysit what ever. Really it does not matter just return the favor!

Some will say that if content is King then code must be Queen…. Could not be further from the truth…

All facets of Search Engine Placement MUST come together with equal levels of relevance and proper equations for you to reach top search engine placement. Affordable Link Building should be part of every on line project.