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If you’re looking to significantly increase your public exposure at a very affordable price, then consider Absolute Placement Today’s press release distribution service!

The world of press releases has changed significantly, and now, everything is done online.

Why Should You Use Our Press Release Distribution Service?

In order to submit a press release, your company needs to be involved in a newsworthy event.  Your event doesn’t have to be earth shattering – the main point is that people will find it interesting and become more curious about your business.  The size of your business doesn’t matter – if you have an interesting story, people will notice it.

You’ll have to pay for the creation and distribution of your press release, but even these costs are low when compared to print advertising.

You can certainly distribute your press release at one time, if you’d like.  But, in order to really build your business’s visibility, it’s important to distribute multiple press releases over time.  Journalists and customers will become more familiar with your name and will be more likely to use your products or services over time.

Most major media companies receive a large number of news stories from the smaller local media companies.  By submitting your press release regularly to many different small companies, you maximize the chances your press release is picked up by one of the big guys.

People who find your products and services useful will be happy to link to your site for free.  No guarantees can be made about this, but it’s definitely realistic to believe you will receive some amount of free back links.

And if the big guys do pick it up, then your press release will reach thousands of people!

The ultimate goal of any press release distribution service is to help your company attract more long-term customers and ultimately, profits!

At SEOAPT, we have a professional writing and distribution staff who will create a high quality press release that has the maximum chance of receiving wide media attention!

If you are looking to take your small business to the next level, then contact us at (214) 937 1638, or use our online contact form to get started right now!

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The Customer Service provided by Tom’s Team has been world class! Our website placement has brought our business to new levels it has not seen in 20 years! We went from little or no placement on the internet to complete domination for our toughest keyword terms.

Cherye Walker

- Cherye Walker

Tom has treated me with a great deal of kindness and respect. He is responsive to all of my questions, long-winded as they may be. Tom treats his clients the same way, which makes Haylo Media Group a great organization.

Daniel S

- Daniel S.

We partnered with Tom to manage our SEO needs in 2008, and have been extremely happy with the results. Tom and his team care about our website marketing and keep us placed great in the search engines.

- Yvonne B.

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