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The word “affordable” really means that based on what you’ve paid, compared to the ROI (Return On Investment) you received, it was worth every penny! So, by that definition, most Search Engine Optimization firms are not affordable. They over charge, and over promise, leaving you frustrated and still NOT optimized to the top pages of any major search engine. Why? Maybe they’re just getting started in the industry and don’t know all the SEO tips necessary to truly help you get the organic placement you desire, and the placement you paid for, in hopes of growing your small business. No matter the reason, you have everything to gain by calling Absolute Placement Today, Inc.

We’re ready to help. Call (214) 937-1638 today for a FREE consultation to discover all the SEO tips we have offer and how you can benefit by talking to a search engine optimization specialist who can really help bring you more business! SEOAPT……….our name says it all. Call us.

Organic Search Engine Optimization "SEO"

Organic Search Engine Optimization is also known as Natural Search Engine Optimization or a type of Search Engine Marketing. Depending on your personal industry and needs for Key word terms your website can find page one of the search engines in a matter of a few days or several months. In order to get a full understanding of any project, an expert in Organic Search Engine Optimization will start with a detailed key word research project. These results should be used in the writing of your content on several levels. The process of developing key words will have a large impact on the conversion of the subject website. You may have Organic Search Engine Placement, but if these decided Key words are not related to an actual buyer of your product or service your search engine placement will be useless.

Provide honest and ethical efforts to qualify your site more important than your competitor in the eyes of the search engines and visitors.

Have a continued and ongoing effort to maintain placement based on the constant changes in the search engines.

Provide their clear direction before they ever start your optimization project.

Conduct a complete key word discovery test to choose the “correct key words” based on your industry and goals.

Maintain communication with each site owner to maintain clear team work in the given optimization.


Our happy Clients

The Customer Service provided by Tom’s Team has been world class! Our website placement has brought our business to new levels it has not seen in 20 years! We went from little or no placement on the internet to complete domination for our toughest keyword terms.

Cherye Walker

- Cherye Walker

Tom has treated me with a great deal of kindness and respect. He is responsive to all of my questions, long-winded as they may be. Tom treats his clients the same way, which makes Haylo Media Group a great organization.

Daniel S

- Daniel S.

We partnered with Tom to manage our SEO needs in 2008, and have been extremely happy with the results. Tom and his team care about our website marketing and keep us placed great in the search engines.

- Yvonne B.

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