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In most cases, a website will need placement for the service it offers and where it is offered. For example, You may need placement in the GOOGLE MAPS “GOOGLE PLACES”.

To reach your local audience we use a two sided approach. These SEO SERVICES are called ” LOCAL SEARCH”. This is where we focus efforts both on your website and off site. We will use techniques that are unconditionally according to the webmaster guidelines. Where all projects will hold their own needs, goals and needed efforts, SEO SERVICES for Local Search should be part of any SEO project.

Our happy Clients

The Customer Service provided by Tom’s Team has been world class! Our website placement has brought our business to new levels it has not seen in 20 years! We went from little or no placement on the internet to complete domination for our toughest keyword terms.

Cherye Walker

- Cherye Walker

Tom has treated me with a great deal of kindness and respect. He is responsive to all of my questions, long-winded as they may be. Tom treats his clients the same way, which makes Haylo Media Group a great organization.

Daniel S

- Daniel S.

We partnered with Tom to manage our SEO needs in 2008, and have been extremely happy with the results. Tom and his team care about our website marketing and keep us placed great in the search engines.

- Yvonne B.

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