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Launching a new Website

Ok, so in a previous post I said I would be “giving away some handouts” on launching a new website and marketing your business in:  “SEO Services and Website Conversions” .

Now Let’s Get Your Website Off The Sidelines And In the Game:

Let’s get right to it…..


Here are ten tips on getting your website launched correctly:

1. As all things SEO, it is CRITICAL, an experienced SEO is involved from the Beginning.

Given the Farmers/Panda updates, SEO has become more than just link building and code adjustments. SEO is now all things “WEBSITE TRAFFIC”…    Decide on theme “look and feel” … YOU HAVE TO STAND OUT from the competition. Your SEO TEAM will help you with this.

2. Decide on a budget for the website launch “START TO FINISH”.

If you can not program a website yourself, make sure the company you partner with is at least accredited with their local BBB. This shows a few things… Time in the industry, history of ethical practices and accountable.

3. Make sure that what ever site style and theme you go with you have actual access to the RAW HTML files of the website and you have the ability to adjust the code without added cost.

This will ensure the ability for an expert SEO SERVICES provider to properly make the needed adjustments for search engine placement.

4. AS A TEAM, you and your SEO need to conduct detailed keyword research.

Both parties need to agree to the keywords, and understand why your targeting these terms.. TIP……Make sure you are NOT making the decision based on NUMBER OF COMPETITORS, but rather SEARCH VOLUME… For example, Google will show, 4,000,000 results for a search term, however, if it is a term that is NOT searched what good is that placement… Here is an example:  “NATURAL PLACEMENT” has more than 88 million results, BUT has NEVER brought my website a single lead, client or as far back as I can find, even a visitor and my website is #1 on Google… “Search results are NOT the same as Search volume”  TIP: YOU WANT VOLUME..

5. As Your SEO SERVICES and Design are Launching, GET INVOLVED...

Ask your SEO for  a list of active directories you can start submitting to… Rand at SEOMOZ explains it well here on Whiteboard Friday.

6. Make it CLEAR, to your SEO that you will expect DETAILED REPORTING of work performed...

It’s understandable that they may not want to give away trade secretes” but to understand they are actually working on your project, it is reasonable to show reporting of work performed.. “MANY SEO” will simply adjust the code of your site, then create a link building campaign in a link building software, then bill you for work performed. This is NOT SEO… GET DETAILED REPORTS that are clear of the work performed…  SEOAPT offers REAL TIME REPORTS 24/7…… 😉 hint hint…

7. Access ability, Both site visitors and the search engines must be able to index and crawl your website.

Have good UNIQUE and ORIGINAL content for all pages of your website. Understand and follow Googles Webmaster Guidelines.

8. Start your social listings, ie, Facebook, twitter, linkedin etc, and make sure the accounts are set up with YOU as the administrator…

SAME AS YOUR GOOGLE WEBMASTER ACCOUNT…. IT IS YOUR WEBSITE YOU NEED TO OWN AND CONTROL IT.. It is perfectly ok to give access to your SEO, but IT’S in your name.

9. Track results: Use a third party unbiased reporting tool for website traffic and ranking.

In 1985, when CocaCola started feeling the heat from ‘other’ cola companies; it decided to launch a new product.  New Coke was born and the company even abandoned its long standing and successful classic CocaCola brand and formula.  Consumers revolted and the company was forced to go back to its roots.  Lesson learned?  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!


SEO and website marketing is an ongoing, never ending venture. All aspects of website marketing must grow and improve on a regular basis. Ride your SEO LIKE A BULL…. It your business GROW IT! Keep in mind SEO is a MARATHON, NOT a SPRINT

If you think a 20.00 website will ever get you ANY results at all, GUESS AGAIN….. Get your refund request ready at the same time you make your payment……

Stay tuned…. Next up,  “Link Building” for a new website.