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Affordable Website Marketing

In most cases we are not quite fully informed when it comes to creating an online marketing tool like a website. Your website must tell your story, have a strong call you action, and be an affordable website marketing tool.

When considering any webdesign firm be sure they can show you examples of not just their pretty websites with all the bells and whistles, but search engine placement. If the new flashy website can not be found, what good is it? Most reputable designers will have an option for your SEO-SEM, and that should start with the design of your site.

A wise old man once said, you must crawl before you walk, and walk before you run… This falls true with affordable website marketing. Start your networking local, growing your reputation online in your community is a great opportunity to deliver targeted trusting potential customers. The search engines will find you to be an authority in your industry and deliver your website in the search engines accordingly.

An educated customer is the best customer. Give your potential customers enough information so they are able to make an educated decision on the services you offer.

Here are some options for local affordable website marketing:

  1. Local Chamber of commerce. GO TO THE MEETINGS

  2. Local Better Business Bureau GO TO THE MEETINGS

  3. Local Schools and sporting events “GET INVOLVED”

  4. Community networks- business support groups

If you’re not selling your business nobody is. GET INVOLVED!

I have found that staying involved in discussion boards and forums are also a great way of sharing your knowledge and gathering more. In today’s economy we do not have to take such high risk in our marketing. Sharing and getting involved in our community is a great start.