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Affordable SEO

Affordable SEO does not mean you have to lower your expectation in the results. Delivering quality, target results simply means you need to stay involved and be an educated website owner.

This post will talk about things you should consider in marketing your business. Given today’s economy and the growth in small business ownership it is critical to your business survival you manage your budget well, and stay involved with your marketing. This includes making your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Affordable.

  1. Remember you are the expert in your industry not your SEO team. You need to be the one approving your articles and press releases.
  2. On site Content. Make sure you approve the much needed content before it is loaded to your website. The SEO team can and should optimize the on site content. Again your the expert in your industry, GET INVOLVED.
  3. Understand the keyword terms and placement expectations. If you target the term “BARBER” it may take thousands of dollars and many many months to get this placement. But, if you target “BARBER DALLAS” or “Barber Houston” you will save on your cost and placement “should” happen much much sooner. Remember it is ORGANIC placement we are after. That does nto happen over night or in most cases in a few weeks. Organic SEO takes time, but out lasts all other forms of marketing.
  4. Follow up Follow Up Follow up. Keep your SEO Firm On Speed Dial. Get the Managers names and guarantee signed by the business owner. If your seo does not increase your traffic or placement you other you ad a poor plan or your good plan was poorly followed. By getting all terms in writing and detailed is the key to accountability.

Affordable SEO delivers well targeted traffic and will shorten the time needed to reach page one.