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Affordable Search engine Marketing

Search Engine marketing is done several ways and by this you are attempting to reach your targeted customer as an industry leader. Here are a few tips on affordable search engine marketing you may not have thought of…

  1. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! What is it your competition is doing your not? You need to do all that AND MORE. When writing an article, or press release do not be self driven.. Offer free information and be an educator. This will EARN the potential prospects respect and trust.

  2. You may have a great looking website, however if nobody can find it, what good is it? Not many web designers understand the much needed code that the search engines are looking for. In fact few do, as they stay on top of design changes and tools not updated changes in the search engines. Make sure your designer can show you SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENT results of past clients.

  3. Social media has grow to such an explosive volume you can not leave this out. When writing about your company be sure to “spread the word” Twitter, Face Book, news letters and blogging are all great tools to deliver your word. Remember if you’re not selling your business nobody is. And these are all FREE or affordable ways of search engine marketing.

  4. If you’re doing business in your local community be sure you are targeting your local community. You should be found in local on line directories, chamber of commerce, and the Better Business Bureau. They will each give your website an inbound link, and will talk about your business. Affordable Search engine marketing is about getting involved with your industry and reaching out to your community of potential customers.

We, as consumers want something for nothing. Coupons, discounts or maybe just free trusting information. Give them what they want.