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Affordable Internet Marketing

As with any investment we make in business, reaching your targeted prospects and clients must be affordable. Affordable Internet Marketing should be your driving force of new business.

Today’s economy has created more small business ventures than any other time in more than a century. With the national unemployment rate being at an all time high we have new businesses showing up in record numbers.

Keeping our marketing at an affordable measure is key to success. Here are some examples of Free or affordable Internet Marketing tools.

  1. Article writing “get the word out and educate your potential clients” 
    •  Ezinearticle.com
    • Articlebase.com “Are both free”
  2. Press releases (PRWEB.COM) cost a bit, but is GREAT for spreading the word and giving you back links.
  3. Make sure you and your SEO/SEM firm have a plan that is in writing and you both FULLY understand.

Have a known budget within your plan so you know what to expect and when to expect it. All too often I read that people have gone several months or years into a marketing plan with no results. The clear reason for this is a poor plan, or a plan that was poorly followed.

For example: If your marketing budget is 200.00 per month and your a Plumber in Dallas Texas, your keyword terms should not be “TEXAS PLUMBER”. The competition for this term is much too high for that budget and will likely, not deliver clients you can services. However, “DALLAS PLUMBER” or “Plumber Dallas Texas” is more GEO targeted and more likely to deliver traffic you can service. As you grow and TAKE OVER TEXAS as a plumber you can and should target this market. Understand your budget and RIO expectations.

Affordable SEO is a powerful tool in delivering targeted traffic to your website.