Becoming a Better Blogger – Types of Content that Generates Shares
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Becoming a Better Blogger – Types of Content that Generates Shares

Posted on February 26th, 2014 by | Google+

likesSocial media marketing should be an extremely large portion of your overall social media presence.  Remaining active on social networks is only a small part of a comprehensive social media program for your business.  You’ll also want to develop content that your audience is going to want to share.  There are certain types of content which are more “shareable” than others, and learning how to develop this content could drive your statistic through the roof!

  • Top X Lists – Some social media and user-generated content sites have become an incredible case study on the types of articles that go viral, and it’s been proven time and time again that people love “best of” and “worst of” lists.  Depending on your niche, these could be extremely easy to create, and pay dividends.
  • Infographics – Information-rich graphic presentations have really become the hottest trend in content creation.  An attractive alternative to an article, these are often shared on social media sites extensively, especially sites like Pinterest.
  • Video Content – It can be argued that you should include a video with every article that you write.  This could be a simple teaser, or a webcam video of someone reading your article.  This accomplishes two goals:
    • Your visitors will have both a video and a piece of written work to share.
    • It makes your site more accessible to those with vision problems.

It never hurts to experiment.  By learning the types of content that your users love to share, you’ll generate new users, drive revenue, and spread your message.  All it takes is one good piece to go viral!

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