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SEO is ‘Not Dead’ ‘Again’

Posted on August 16th, 2013 by | Google+

My good friend Donnie at just posted a monumental and clever write up pertaining to this subject and I completely agree with his point of view.

It appears to be the time when many SEO experts discover that either SEO or social media or link building is dead and marketers and businesses need to focus on one of the others or a new term such as ‘link earning’ or ‘link acquisition’ in order to grow their business and increase earnings. As Donnie rightly points out, all of these articles are optimized for the ‘dead’ terms and ensure that they are ranked high by Google.

While some articles are based on single studies, others are the result of the expert’s experience in the industry. All of them also refer to Google’s search engine analytics in some way or the other; they throw in words such as Panda and Penguin, apart from discussing trends of returns.

Whether an article has plugged SEO or social media or is berating link building, they all ultimately fail to distinguish between white hat and black hat SEO, social media, and link building techniques. Of course, Google and its anti-spam team are working to ensure that the search engine results are more relevant to the users. This has been an ongoing effort and Google can be expected to continue with it. Every time Google places checks to filter out the black hat SEOs, they find loopholes to make their way in and Google invents new filters.

However, this is no indication that SEO, social media, or link building is dead. That would be to throw out the baby with the bath water. Instead, the new steps taken by Google only means that content creators need to ensure that the content they provide is meaningful, relevant, and interesting or unique. These white hat methods capturing the interest of online consumers will continue to be critical, perhaps more so as Google and other search engines succeed in building more efficient algorithms to filter out the bad apples.

Whatever the name – SEO, social media, link building – these online activities are essential for building an online brand presence for most businesses. Moreover, they need to be used in conjunction with each other, depending on other specifics such as the target audience, the product, the size of the business – national or local, and so on.

Research has consistently revealed that more people are online for longer using a greater number of devices. Additionally, consumers are increasing preferring to make purchases online as improved technology has made this more secure and easier. Most of these consumers will depend on a combination of search engines, social media recommendations, and links to locate products and services they need or want.

The final argument that SEO Dallas, social media, and link building are not dead comes from the same source the detractors have been citing – Google. Google obviously does not believe that people will stop using search engines, social media, or links to locate businesses, services, or to research information. That is why it continues to pour its resources into fine-tuning its filters.

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