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10 Things You Can Do to Gain Inbound Links from Quality Content

Posted on August 15th, 2013 by | Google+

One of the best ways of increasing search engine rankings for a website is to increase the number of inbound links from quality content. While the various search engines use slightly differing algorithms to rank websites, all of them give weight to a website that has many inbound links from trusted sites and those with quality content.

Inbound Links Tied to Superb Content

This is more so if the inbound links are from sites that deal with content relevant to the keywords used in your website. However, obtaining such links can be difficult since competitors will certainly not make use of such links. However, a sterling SEO link building strategy to increase website rankings in search engines must increase inbound links from quality content.

  1. The first step toward this is using your blog content. The blog should offer quality content and be updated at regular intervals. Additionally, it should be accessible via RSS feed to enable others to monitor your blog with ease. This will enable those webmasters working in complementary industries or fields to back link to your blog more easily when needed.
  2. Apart from providing outstanding blog content you need to make your blog more visible by writing well thought out blog content. You can ask the new blog site to back link to your blog by providing additional relevant information on your site. This trade off and the additional exposure will increase the number of inbound links to your blog.
  3. Another great way to ensure that other active sites back link to your website is to compile a resource list. This list should be comprehensive and self-sufficient. It can be a dictionary of useful terms, trade definitions, or something similar.
  4. You can also make it a point to monitor the news of relevance to your area of expertise or industry and be the first to comment on it. This will lead other bloggers to link to your site and the freshness of the news will be another factor that pushes your site higher up in search engine rankings.
  5. You can also publish case studies of your best work as well as work with well-known clients. These studies should present your clients in a positive light to ensure that they are encouraged to back link to your site. If the client has a high search engine ranking, your website and blog is likely to benefit from this.
  6. Most people are more likely to share visual content. Including infographics, comics, memes, and presentations that carry useful information for a larger audience and industry is more likely to lead to inbound links. Other content creators will be willing to use such comprehensive information available at a glance to enhance the content they have produced.
  7. An effective way to generate an inbound link to your website is to write an opinion piece for online editions of reputed magazines, newspapers, or trade magazines. This can be used to provide an inbound link to your parent site.
  8. Many journalists are looking for interesting news stories and human interest angles to various events. You could try to get interviewed in a trade magazine or local paper and post a link on your Dallas website to the interview. You can also ask them to place an inbound link on the online edition.
  9. Another way to increase your web presence and search engine rankings is to enter into partnerships with related blogs or companies. This ensures that when one blog site is linked the other too benefits. Releasing press releases that refer to another company or blog will also increase the number of inbound links in this manner.
  10. You can also contact other bloggers, journalists, and industry experts and ask them to review your services or products. The reviews will lead to back links or inbound links to your site. The key is to ensure that the quality of product or service being reviewed shines so that the feedback is positive.

Content that is Useful & Constructive

A campaign to increase inbound links from quality content should begin by providing quality content or content that other readers will find useful. Additionally, the webmaster should take steps to grow the number of inbound links organically by taking steps to increase the exposure of the site to other webmasters and content creators.

While the number of inbound links is a valuable tool in increasing search engine rankings, the quality of the site from which the link is made is also vital.

Key to the Process

As such you should focus on the industry leaders and work backwards to maximize the value of the inbound links. Proactively writing content that attracts inbound links and approaching other content creators with this information is a valuable part of the process of gaining inbound links.

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