The Importance of Reputation Management
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The Importance of Reputation Management

Posted on November 15th, 2012 by | Google+

Many people may not realize this but getting easily found on the Internet can be beneficial but at the same time dangerous. In a world where almost everyone has access to Internet and the right to say as they please, it’s very common for people and companies to suffer negative criticism and attacks from competitors. However, there is a way to protect and counter negative feedback and false accusations; Reputation Management. Reputation management allows companies and individuals to monitor what is being said about their products and services online as well as exhibit all the positive aspects of the business.


Many businesses know that it takes time to build a renowned brand status. Unfortunately, it takes much less time for it to be discredited even if it’s not true. Reputation management will not only maintain a good reputation but help grow it as well.

Ask yourself; does your business need Reputation Management? Whether you’re a big or small business, the answer is YES. Consider this, 70% of consumers consult reviews or rating sites before purchasing a product or service. And every day it’s more. Visits to the top product review sites have grown by 158% in the last year. People who visit these sites trust them. There is no better publicity than that of satisfied customers. What they say about the products and services you offer will guide you to change something if needed or continue to satisfy clients with what you do best.

Here are some tips on how to better build and manage an online reputation:

  • Adding related positive content to a corporate web site (Testimonials)
  • Start a blog on your site with articles related to your business and the interests of your customers.
  • Establish company profiles in Social Media outlets such as: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Create Press Releases in regards to the positive developments in your company.

One-way to achieve all of the mentioned above is by hiring a professional SEO Services company. Through organic optimization they will create positive content that will increase the chances of their articles showing up at the top of every search engine’s list. Optimizing positive content for top search engine rankings ensures that the content comes up at the top of the search results pages at the major search engines and above that of compliant sites or negative blogs. By adding in back links to Social media sites and Blog articles, you are ensuring that the customer will find a way directly to your website before they have a chance to look at the competition.

When a business utilizes reputation management they gain valuable research and insight into the ways the public sees them and searches for the brand as well as their products or services. It’s a fact the need for Internet reputation management for any business that is promoted online. The best way to preserve a good reputation is to please the clients when it comes to giving excellence in products or services they offer. No matter how good your SEO Company is, the only person that can really control your reputation is YOU.

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