CRO “Conversion Rate Optimization" Step One
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CRO “Conversion Rate Optimization” Step One

Posted on November 14th, 2011 by | Google+

So, I skipped a week in the blogging world to take a much needed break at the cabins in Oklahoma…..  I will follow up with a real good posting on this vacation in my next post.

Here I want to cover a real important subject in the efforts of SEO Services and the REQUIREMENT for CRO Services  “CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION”.

First, and an obvious fact, You have to know that the terms you are targeting are terms that are actually searched for the service or product your website offers. An experienced SEO Services provider will show you the right terms to target. Remember, it DOES NOT MATTER HOW MANY SEARCH RESULTS THERE ARE……. Your looking for search volume, NOT the number of search results..

Here you will see 102,000,000 results for the search term “NATURAL PLACEMENT” , our website is #1 and has been for three years, but has NEVER brought us a single visitor or lead. “however, we are not even targeting this as a search term”


SEO services and CRO “Conversion Rate Optimization” starts with making sure you have placement for the right search terms.

On a side NOTE: CAUTION!!!! Those sites offering “results based” SEO  Services are well known for this “RIP OFF”…. Targeting terms and getting placement for the sake of getting placement, YUP, so they can then bill you….. they will “RECOMMEND, then CONTRACT terms that bring little or no search volume and charge 450.00 – 500.00 for a couple terms that will never bring you an actual return on your investment.. Then “recommend” additional terms that also get little or no search traffic for another few hundred bucks Just be careful……

Moving on…..

Obtaining placement for the correct search terms is tough enough, but knowing the right CALL TO ACTION is PRICELESS. Experienced SEO Services will show you the right terms to target and explain why.

That call to action starts on the “Search Engine Results Page”.   Here are some examples of results that work and don’t work:

THIS WORKS REAL WELL: it explains what you will find on the site, expresses the level of integrity, contact option and in fact you don’t even have to click the link to make contact.



There is a pattern search engines are looking for when delivering results to its end user. One of the many duties of
a good SEO is to use the correct search terms in the correct order and to start the CRO “CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION” in the right place…

Here is a service provider who is not even claiming to do business in Dallas yet.. “See you next year in Dallas”


Stay Tuned! Next week we will share our experience at in Oklahoma, and cover “Onsite CRO” Conversion Rate Optimization”

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